Historic Commission

2021 Meeting AgendasHistoric Commission

  • charge is to preserve and protect historic sites, structures and areas within the County (see Charter, Resolution R-10-12 (PDF).) The Historic Commission Charter was renewed and extended until December 21, 2022 (see Resolution R-39-17 (R1))
  • activities include identifying significant sites and structures and documenting historic events; increasing the public’s awareness of the existence and value of sites, structures and events; preparing brochures, documents and exhibits for distribution and display; advising the Board of Supervisors on development which may affect historical sites and structures; acquiring and preserving artifacts, books, papers, documents and other material pertaining to New Kent’s history
  • composed of 1 appointee from each election district (each with an alternate), 2 at-large members, and one ex officio member from the Board of Supervisors
  • members serve 4-year staggered terms ending December 31
  • meets on the 3rd Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 3 p.m. in the Courtroom of the Historic Courthouse
  • Current Roster (PDF)
  • 2021 Meeting Schedule (PDF)
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  • 2020 Approved Minutes (PDF)
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